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5 ‘Selfless’ East Coast Vacation Events in Spring 2015

Benefit Concerts, Walks and Cocktails By GypsyChick Being a professional and juggling all the things we need to fulfill our the many facets of our lives sometimes require some creative…

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TSA To No Longer Grope Natural Hair

Airport security not allowed to fluff your puff anymore By Brittney M. Walker Doesn’t it just erk your nerves that you can’t go through the airport without being violated in…

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GALLERY: A Little Bit of Milan, Italy

By Gypsy Girl Milan is the center of everything current and fashionable. A top tourist attraction, Milan is also the home of the Milan Cathedral, best known for its Gothic…


GALLERY: A Little Bit of Florence, Italy

By GypsyGirl Italy is rich with so much history, art and loads of incredible architecture. While visiting, we couldn’t help but marvel in the grand edifices dedicated to memorializing families…

Brittney M Walker visits a small town called Ferrara in Italy and discovers the best gelato in the whole country.

VIDEO: GypsyJaunt Finds the Best Gelato in Italy

GypsyJaunt’s Brittney M. Walker travels to Italy in search of the best gelato. She discovers a small, privately owned spot called Sorgente del Gelato in a town called Ferrara and…


VIDEO: Syracuse, NY – Jerry Rescue Monument

Underground Railroad and liberation in Upstate New York By Gypsy Staff During our trip to the Finger Lakes with the I Love New York team, we visited the Jerry Rescue…

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Vacationing Totally Sober is Possible

Clean Fun Network launches sober lifestyle trips By Gypsy Love Have you ever considered vacationing completely sober? Unheard of, right? Vacationing typically involves some sort of escapism participation like alcoholic…

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VIDEO: GypsyJaunt Goes to Carnival in Venice, Italy

More Brown faces spotted in the crowd By GypsyStaff Carnival happens around the world every year before the Catholic observation of Lent. This is the time when all the heathens…

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GALLERY: Carnival in Venice, Italy

Masks, masks everywhere during one of Italy’s favorite holidays By GypsyStaff While on our European Adventure in Italy, we had the opportunity to enjoy some of the Carnival (or Carnevale…

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GALLERY: Bavaria, Germany Mountain Views

Winter mountains in Germany By Brittney M. Walker We took a trip to a little town called Oberammergau in Bavaria, Germany. The views were amazing, the snow soft and fluffy….